Welcome at our new website!
Our webshop has got a new name www.shop.safe-tec.dk

We are now launching our new website at Safe-tec, which means that you from now on will find our webshop at:


We created this new website for our customers,
to announce a greater supply of info regarding:
product-information, pictures and videos etc..

Please feel free to contact us on mail@safe-tec.dk or
+45 56 31 58 10 if you need further information.


Welcome to our site..

Welcome to the official webpage of 
Safe-tec ApS where you can keep up
with information on new products,
pictures, video demonstrations
and much more..     

Visit our webshop..


Where you can get further 
information and prices 
and by our products online..


Contact us..

For any questions, please contact us on

T.:+45 56 31 58 10

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Safe-tec ApS | Industrivej 17B, 4683 Roennede - DENMARK | Phone: +45 56 31 58 10 | mail@safe-tec.eu